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Who We Are

Peace – Truth – Unity

Proponent of True Islamic Beliefs

Payam-e-Aman Inc is a trusted name operating on multiple platforms from the interpretation of Islamic literature and historical books to organization of interfaith seminars and conferences. We have been around for approximately 30-years and are currently limited to North America with the vision to go global. We have also been responsible for respectable religious publications of text from different origins all in the name of charity and the widespread of truth about our misunderstood religion.

Islam is a religion of peace and has been so since its early days. The Quran preaches equality regardless of caste, color or creed. Muslims are condoned from hate speech, abuse and contempt. Moreover, all are considered equal before the Creator and the only distinguishing merit there is virtue(Piety).

As it is already known Islam is considered a violent religion due to the media publications about the extremist groups operating out of hate rather than religious doctrine. This has had a severely negative impact on the reputation and image of this peaceful religion. Whereas Islam is highly against the killing of innocent people regardless of what religion they might believe in.

This is why Payam-e-Aman has set out to deliver the truth for all who seek it. This is both our mission and passion. We seek to quench the thirst for knowledge for anyone who wishes to familiarize themselves with our religion. Again, our aim is not to convert people but to convert their opinion of Islam.